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Mid-South Artist Gallery

The Mid-South Artist Gallery is the first of its kind in the city of Bartlett, TN. Unique in that the majority of the leadership and volunteers are 100% disabled Veterans, Veterans, VA Family Members and local artists. As volunteers, no one is paid for their services, time or talent.   All programs are designed and developed to assist Veterans suffering from PTSD and other disabilities, Veterans, the disabled and the community.  Programs are open to all, disabled and non-disabled, veterans and non-veterans seeking spiritual peace through art and unity.

It is our goal to create a welcoming environment, a place where artist of all make, skill and medium can exhibit their work, explore the possibilities of growth within their medium and give / exhibit unique art. We aid all our artist in acquiring exposure in Europe, assist in the certification and evaluation of individual art as well as provide opportunities to exhibit their art through community events and demonstrations.


Mid-South Artist Gallery is unique in that all we do is free to the community, Veterans and artists. There are no hanging fees, we do however withhold 30% of any sales of art to keep the lights on, and 70% to the artist. As an Art Gallery, something new is brought to the community, voices and ideas come to life through Art and Religion.

The Mid-South Artist Gallery has an open-call policy for all artists wherever they might be located.  Send us up to 5 example photos of your work for review. Include an inventory of the work you are presenting by numbering each item, provide the Title, Size, Medium and Price. Please also provide your contact information and when you would be available to exhibit the work. Please note, all artists are "required" to attend the opening night of each exhibit so that you might represent your work and answer questions from those attending.

The Mid-South Artist Gallery is hosted by the Art Ministry of St. Elisabeths Interfaith Episcopal Church with the belief that art and religion go hand in hand.

Episcopal Free Communion

The Anglican Free Communion

The Free Protestant Episcopal Church (The Anglican Free Communion) is one of the oldest Anglican Communions in existence and is constituted by a large group of Anglicans of all varieties of churchmanship from Anglo-Catholic (High Church), Evangelical (Low Church), Latitudinarian (Broad Church), Charismatic and Liberal.

The Most Revd. Dr. Richard Arthur Palmer

PhD, MA, BA, BEd



"The Episcopal Free Church"




Province of Canada

The Most Revd. Matheus Tuz

The Rt. Revd. Darrel Hockley


Province of Central – USA

The Rt. Revd. John Bell  - -The Free Anglican Mission Society


 Province of East – USA

The Most Revd. Frederick Morris – Bishop St Elisabeth’s Interfaith Episcopal Church


Province of North – USA

The Most Revd. Brian Putzier - United Episcopal Catholic Communion


Diocese of St. Francis - The Rt. Revd. Ashley Beckham - Anglican Apostolic Church


Diocese of St. George – UK - The Rt. Revd. Robert Ponsford - Anglican Apostolic Church


Province of South – USA - The Progressive Episcopal Church


Diocese of Cumberland - The Most Revd. Michael Sherbert

Diocese of Delta - The Rt. Revd. Rick Ward-Harder - The Rt. Revd. Daniel Varga

Diocese of The North East - The Rt. Revd. Francesca Fortunato

Diocese of The West - The Rt. Revd. Thurlow Weed


Province of South Central – USA

The Most Revd. William Flint

The Anglo-Methodist Ecclesia

The Rt. Revd. Jordan Morgan

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